Thursday, 2 October 2014

| Lipsticks for Fall |

Hey everyone,

Are we the only ones obssesed with a dark lip for the fall? Probably not. So today we want to share with you some of our absolute faves in the lipstick department.

Number one on our list is a Maybelline Mystic Mauve (250) Color Sensational. It's a nice moisturizer and it stays on your lips all day long. What's more it's in a nice, cold-pink tone.
Hint: It's a perfect product to use when you try to achive one of the hottest makeup - Kylie Jenner inspired look.
Maybelline Mystic Mauve (250) Color Sensational

Ok, now let's take a look at some red lipsticks. Number 19 from Kate Moss's collection for Rimmel is a really pretty redish brown color which is perfect for everyday wear (especially if you don't feel comfortable wearing dark lips on a everyday basis). We love Kate Moss collection, her lipsticks are creamy, they last a decent amount of hours and most importantly they don't dry out your lips.
Number 19 Rimmel

Next is a Red Velvet from Oriflame. This really deep, half matte color will be perfect not only on everyday use but also when you plan a night out. But you need to be careful, especially wearing white clothes, because it has a tendency to smudge. However the color is georgeous, so we believe it's still worth trying.
Red Velvet Oriflame

There is no way we would not include any of the MAC lipsticks on our list. So there actually will be two. The first one is the famous REBEL, a gorgeous purple-ish shade that you can build up however you want.
Rebel MAC

TIP: If you are on a budget we recommend checking out Inglot lipticks, number 293 is a fantastic dupe for Rebel. 

If you are more brave in your makeup and like to wear something much darker, then there is one word we have for you - DIVA. This MAC's lipstick is incredible. It's a beautiful dark, wine red shade and it's a matte, but it really doesn't dry your lips. We don't know how is it possible, but we love it. So definitely go check it out in the stores.
Diva MAC

That was our last proposition, we hope you liked our faves. Maybe you have your own favourites? 

P&B xoxo

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