Tuesday, 30 September 2014

| Top 5 September |

Hey everyone,

September is almost gone, as well as the last days of our summertime (sun, how we miss you already). So there is nothing else to say: hello October and let's begin with our last month faves :)
First product we've been using almost every single day this month is Diva by Mac*.
This lipstic not only suits practically everyone (said by blonde and brunette with totally different skin tone and guess what... it looks great on both of us) but it also "spices up" even the most delicate makeup. What's more, Diva is a pure definiton of  dark-lips fall trend. How can we not love it?
*We've mentioned MAC lipstics few times before, because the quality and colors are stunning. However if you don't want to spend 16$ for a lip product, there are great dupes like Maybelline in Berry Brilliant or Inglot 293
Our next fave, also from lips department is a lip butter by Korres. It's a nice moisturizer and it's in a gorgeous dark pinkish color. We fell for this one from the very beginning.
Ok, we have to admit, we are obsessed with blushes, so our next product shouldn't be a surprise for you. It's a cream blush by Topshop in Afternoon Tea. This product is in a lovely, soft pink shade and works perfectly for different skin tones. What's more, the aplicaton is a real pleasure and we don't have to worry about "clown cheeks" effect.
Hint: you can apply it also with your fingers- there is no need of buying new brushes.
In October we've also discovered a Lirene Young 20+ face cream. It's too bad this product is going to be discontinued. Lirene not only smells fruity-amazing and has these little bubbly things inside, but also (what's the most important thing for us) does not break you out. 
Hint: We are not using it for the night as the packaging suggests but it works just perfectly fine as a morning base. 
Firsts cooler days are typical for September, so we have been prepared with our termic mugs with a hot, tasty tea inside. Our favourite flavor for now is Teekanne Sweetpear. Guys, you seriously need to taste this one, it's so yummy, we can't even describe it.
picture from here

Last but not least, we can't forget about the one and only "Doctor Who" and the new season starring Peter Capaldi. For all the whovians out there you know why it's the best show ever and for those who never got a chance to watch it - just do, you won't regret it (well maybe sometimes when you are shedding a tear or two, or a million).

That would be all for our faves. We also want to hear what did you like this month? Let us know :)

P&B xoxo

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