Tuesday, 30 September 2014

| Top 5 September |

Hey everyone,

September is almost gone, as well as the last days of our summertime (sun, how we miss you already). So there is nothing else to say: hello October and let's begin with our last month faves :)
First product we've been using almost every single day this month is Diva by Mac*.
This lipstic not only suits practically everyone (said by blonde and brunette with totally different skin tone and guess what... it looks great on both of us) but it also "spices up" even the most delicate makeup. What's more, Diva is a pure definiton of  dark-lips fall trend. How can we not love it?
*We've mentioned MAC lipstics few times before, because the quality and colors are stunning. However if you don't want to spend 16$ for a lip product, there are great dupes like Maybelline in Berry Brilliant or Inglot 293
Our next fave, also from lips department is a lip butter by Korres. It's a nice moisturizer and it's in a gorgeous dark pinkish color. We fell for this one from the very beginning.
Ok, we have to admit, we are obsessed with blushes, so our next product shouldn't be a surprise for you. It's a cream blush by Topshop in Afternoon Tea. This product is in a lovely, soft pink shade and works perfectly for different skin tones. What's more, the aplicaton is a real pleasure and we don't have to worry about "clown cheeks" effect.
Hint: you can apply it also with your fingers- there is no need of buying new brushes.
In October we've also discovered a Lirene Young 20+ face cream. It's too bad this product is going to be discontinued. Lirene not only smells fruity-amazing and has these little bubbly things inside, but also (what's the most important thing for us) does not break you out. 
Hint: We are not using it for the night as the packaging suggests but it works just perfectly fine as a morning base. 
Firsts cooler days are typical for September, so we have been prepared with our termic mugs with a hot, tasty tea inside. Our favourite flavor for now is Teekanne Sweetpear. Guys, you seriously need to taste this one, it's so yummy, we can't even describe it.
picture from here

Last but not least, we can't forget about the one and only "Doctor Who" and the new season starring Peter Capaldi. For all the whovians out there you know why it's the best show ever and for those who never got a chance to watch it - just do, you won't regret it (well maybe sometimes when you are shedding a tear or two, or a million).

That would be all for our faves. We also want to hear what did you like this month? Let us know :)

P&B xoxo

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Hey everyone,
Don't throw away your old mascara brush, just use it! And we are going to show you how.
First of all, clean your old mascara brush so there is no product left. When you have this clean brush you can use it to separate your clumpy lashes. There is no need to buy professional brushes, cause you can achieve the same effect with clean mascara brush. 
Another way to use an old brush is to use it together with hairspray as a "brow gel". How? Just spray a little bit of hairspray on your brush and go through your brows and voila!

P&B xoxo

Thursday, 25 September 2014


1: What are you wearing?
P: Sweats + striped shirt + comfy sweater + socks (I'm cold, so don't judge)
B: Leggins + T-shirt + warm jumper

2: How tall are you?
P: 5'7 ft | 170 cm
B: ca. 5'6 ft |167 cm

3: How much do you weigh?
P: I don't know (and don't want to)
B: It depends ;)

4: Any tattoos?
P+B So far no

5: Any piercings?
P: Totally 4 holes, traditional, tragus and another one in my right ear
B: I've got pierced left auricular cartilage

6: Favorite show?
P: Doctor Who (Geronimo!)

7: Something you miss? .
P: Netflix in Poland
B: A cup of a lovely hot chocolate with a whipped cream and marshmallows (yummy!)

8: How old are you?
P: 21
B: 20

9: Zodiac sign?
P: Virgo
B: Capricorn

10: Favorite actor?
P+B: It's too hard to pick one. We both absolutely love cinema so we do have dozens of actors we adore, as you can probably imagine (ex. Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Hiddleston or Johnny Depp)

11: Favorite color?
P: black & white
B: pure classic - black, white and gray

12: Loud music or soft?

13: Where do you go when you’re sad?
P: Mac + bed + a cup of tea is a perfect combo
B: My room

14: How long does it take you to shower?
P+B: 10-15 minutes

15: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
P+B: About one hour

16: Ever been in a physical fight?
P: No
B: Pillow fight with my brother

17: Fears?
P: Spiders, bugs generally and open water 
B: Spiders, especially the giant ones

18: Last thing that made you cry?
P+B: A movie, I think

19: Last time you said you loved someone?
P: I don't remember, I don't say it very often
B: In the mornig to my mom

20: Last book you read?
P: "Naked Lunch" William S. Burroughs
B: "The Astronaut Wives Club" by Lily Koppel

21: The book you’re currently reading?
P: "The catcher in a rye" J.D.Sallinger 
B: ""Good Morning Korporacjo" by Radek Bieliński

22: Last show you watched?
P: House of cards or Doctor Who (love love love new episodes)
B: House of cards

23: Last person you talked to?
P: My sister probably
B: Dad

24: Favorite food?
P: I don't know if there is one person in the world that can say their favorite food
B: I don't have a specific one but I hate licorice instead

25: Place you want to visit?
P: New Zealand, Australia
B: Japan, Australia, South America

26: Last place you were?
P: Greece
B: England

27: Favorite flavor of sweet?
P: Jelly
B: Chocolate (obviously)

28: What instruments do you play??
P+B: A flute in grammar school

29: Favorite piece of jewelry?
P: Bracelets
B: Rings and necklaces

30: Last sport you played?
P: I don't really play sports
B: Bicycle (if it counts)

31: Last song you sang?
P: "Latch" Disclosure
B: "Californication" RHCP

32: Favorite chat up line?
P: Is your name Google? Because you have all I' searching for
B: Do you have a map? 'Cause I've seemd to have lost myself in your eyes

33: Have you ever used it?
P: No, no, no 
B: Hell no

34: Last time you hung out with anyone?
P: Yesterday, with my uni friends
B: Yesterday, with my friend

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

| Mad About … Body mists |

Hey everyone,

Autumn has officially arrived! It’s getting colder and colder, so we have to hide most of our beloved summer clothes (unless you live in sunny California) and start wearing cozy sweaters. Not that sweaters are bad, we love them, but summer is summer. We start changing up our room decors to make it more fall inspired, we switch our makeup and skincare but there is one product, perfect for every season. Now prepare to be surprised… it’s body mist. Just give it a chance and soon you won’t be able to get over it.

1. We all looove parfume, because who doesn’t like to smell nice? Body mists are a perfect alternative for them, they have more delicate scents and stay really long on your clothes or hair. Plus, you can use as much as you want without worrying that you are wasting them.

2. Another thing is the price. Sure, parfumes are definitely worth spedning a bit more money once in a while, but we can’t buy another bottle every two weeks. You can buy body mists in most of the drugstores or find a bargain like those in Bath & Body Works ( 3 for 2 is ALWAYS a good idea).

3. Have you ever smelled body mists? If not, your nose is missing a lot. We can spend hours in shops like Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works just smelling those precious little things. Especially when they have seasonal scents like for example last winter’s Marshmallow Kiss or fall Vermont Honey Apple. Basically everyone can find something for them.

4. They are perfect as a little something something in your bag. In the pictures are only the big versions, but you can also find those in more portable size. Also, they don't break, so you don't have to risk breaking the bottle.

Last but not least, there is so so many mists to choose from. Although we showed only those from Bath and Body Works feel free to look for others (and if you find something amazing, please write to us, cause as you can tell we are obsessed). We hope we convinced some of you to try them out. :)

Disclaimer: Not all of those belong to us, we borrowed some from our sisters. (yes, they love mists too).

Scents from left to right: Twilight Woods, Mad About You, Beautiful Day, Merry Marshmallow Kiss, Vermont Honey Apple, Cashmere Glow, Pink Chiffon

Saturday, 20 September 2014

| The Best of: Maybelline |

Hello everyone,

Today we start a new series - our favourite products from various brands (get ready for MAC, Inglot and Ziaja - a polish brand of skin care). Posts will be up one or two times a month. At the beginning (as you can probably tell by the picture) is the one and only

Our all time favourite product - it works better  than the famous YSL Touché  Éclat . It covers dark circles, brightens up your look, it doesn't dry out delicate skin under your eyes and stays all day. What more would you want?
This one is for all of you that have to get up very early and keep putting off your alarm clock. You can apply it really fast (don't even need a brush, you can just use your finger) and the colors are gorgeous.
Tip: Barely Branded is multifunctional - it's a perfect highlighter.
 LEFT: Barely Branded, RIGHT: On and on bronze
This is the mascara that can give you every effect you want. For starters it separates and lengthens your lashes beautifully. Besides it's perfect for everyday and you can build it up to achieve a more dramatic, smokey look. Important: it doesn't budge, so don't worry about "panda" eyes.
 LEFT: Cherry me, RIGHT: Pink Punch
Who didn't heard about Baby Lips? They moisturize, smell amazing (like seriously) and they give a pop of color. You can use them in more natural looks or as a base for liptick.
Maybelline's lipsticks are definitely one of the best you can find in the drugstores. They have so many different colors to choose from, from nudes , through pinks to reds, that everyone can find something for them. They are moisturizing and stay on your lips for a decent amount of hours. 
Hint: Born With It is a dupe for MAC's Angel (and there's more).

P&B xoxo

Thursday, 18 September 2014

| Makeup Bag Starter Kit |

Makeup bag is a must have in every girl's bag. In college, work or school, a perfect set of makeup can save our day. However, did you ever regret not having something in your little bag? We know, we did. That's how we came up with our perfect set for everyday.
Tip: remember to take products you have used before, since you don't know how your skin may react to something new.

Powder - find one that is matifying and doesn't break you out, our favourite is Rimmel Stay Matte in transparent

Chopstick/Lip Balm - transparent like Carmex or with a delicate hint of colour like Nivea or Maybelline Baby Lips (no one likes dry lips)

Lipstick - choose your favourite everyday shade, make sure that it will last all day through meetings and meals, eg. MAC

Concealer - make sure the colour matches your skin tone, if you don't want to spend a lot of money we recommend Catrice Camouflage Cream, on the more pricey side there is MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Blush/Bronzer - for quick touch ups during the day (a packaging with a mirror will work perfectly), take a look on the Bourjois blushes if you don't mind strong, powdery scents

Mascara - if you like a dramatic look 24/7

Hair Oil - perfect for the girls with frizzy hair (life saver during fall and winter)

Bobby Pins - helpful when you least expect it

P&B xoxo

| Hello there |


if you live by the quote "what you can do tomorrow, do they day after tomorrow" (or even next week) we know that feeling. However, sometimes it's good to change things, take matters into your own hands and in our case… start a blog.
Why? Why not?
Even if our only readers will be friends and family (and us of course) we are still going to have fun and share some of tips and tricks that we know. If by the chance someone will like what we do that will be simply awesome.

That would be all for the "hello part", time to start blogging.

P&B xoxo