Thursday, 18 September 2014

| Makeup Bag Starter Kit |

Makeup bag is a must have in every girl's bag. In college, work or school, a perfect set of makeup can save our day. However, did you ever regret not having something in your little bag? We know, we did. That's how we came up with our perfect set for everyday.
Tip: remember to take products you have used before, since you don't know how your skin may react to something new.

Powder - find one that is matifying and doesn't break you out, our favourite is Rimmel Stay Matte in transparent

Chopstick/Lip Balm - transparent like Carmex or with a delicate hint of colour like Nivea or Maybelline Baby Lips (no one likes dry lips)

Lipstick - choose your favourite everyday shade, make sure that it will last all day through meetings and meals, eg. MAC

Concealer - make sure the colour matches your skin tone, if you don't want to spend a lot of money we recommend Catrice Camouflage Cream, on the more pricey side there is MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Blush/Bronzer - for quick touch ups during the day (a packaging with a mirror will work perfectly), take a look on the Bourjois blushes if you don't mind strong, powdery scents

Mascara - if you like a dramatic look 24/7

Hair Oil - perfect for the girls with frizzy hair (life saver during fall and winter)

Bobby Pins - helpful when you least expect it

P&B xoxo

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