Saturday, 8 November 2014

| SATURDAY TIP #6 - How to fix smudged nail polish |

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Hey everyone,
long time no here ;) But we couldn't miss the SATURDAY TIP. Today we've got something for those of you, who love to paint their nails (everyone? :p)

You probably know that feeling- you try really hard to make your nail polish look perfect. Everything goes great, you're almost done and then THIS happens - you accidentally touch something and boom... smudged nail polish. But don't worry guys, there is no need to remove the color and to paint everything again. As long as the lacquer is still quite wet you can easily deal with this problem ;)
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HOW? Simply lick your finger tip and using your tongue try to wipe the polish upwards to the edge of your nail (to even the surface). Finish with the topcoat. Voila. Simple fix and your nail polish looks gorgeous again. You'll thank us later :p

That's all for today. Do you have your very own ways to deal with the smudged nail polish? Let us know in the comments below :)
P&B, xoxo

Sunday, 2 November 2014

| KABUKI BATTLE - Sephora vs H&M |

Hey everyone, 
we know the quality of makeup products is really important. But we can't forget that the "tools" - as in brushes - which are important as well ;)
You don't have to be a makeup pro to know that perfect working brush can do basically all work for you and even change the "final effect" on your face. Not to mention saving your time :) So today we've got for you a little battle of our favourites from KABUKI department - Sephora vs H&M

Sephora: smaller, more precise, works perfectly not only with powder but also with bronzer or a blusher, a true multitasker
H&M: bigger, "takes" more product from the packaging,
great brush for powder application

Sephora: "dome-shaped", more even on top than H&M's
H&M: rounded top, easily takes powder and spreads it evenly on your face

Sephora: natural goat hair, fluffy, really soft, nicer than H&M's, (it's easy to get a sheer coat of powder because the hairs are so soft)
H&M: doesn't hurt your skin, quite soft for us but might be a little stiff for some of you, definitely not "the softest brush ever" but does decent job

Hint:  You can easily built up coverage with natural finish using both of them

Hair loss
Sephora: they don't
H&M: only single hair

Sephora + H&M: both of them look really cute with the rest of our brushes (as you can tell :P), we love this simple, modern design

Sephora: $24 
H&M: $7,95

Final grade
Sephora: 4.5/5
H&M: 4/5 
That's all for today. We hope you did enjoy our little battle. Let us know what are your Kabuki favs :)
P&B, xoxo

Friday, 31 October 2014

| October Favourites |

Hey everyone,

October is over and whilst you are all having fun at Halloween parties we are sharing our favourites with you! 

Since it's autumn we are all about intense nail polish colors. Here are our most used of October. Maybelline's Colorama in 104 is perfect deep purple. Works with every single outfit and looks gorgeous on all of the nail shapes. The second fave is well known in the beauty community - Tanya Burr's nail polish in Penguin Chic. Although the color on the picture looks quite light in reality it's more mauvy color. Plus perfect quality (with a topcoat they last for 5 days).
Autumn is a perfect time to have some fun with new fragrances. We always love to look at the limited edition of body mists in Bath & Body Works (*link*). Last year we bought those two beauties - Vermont Honey Apple (very sweet) and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (stronger scent). Also they last quite long, especially on your scarfs and clothes which makes them even more worth a try.
October is a month for transition makeup. MAC's blush in Melba is a perfect product for that. Even though it's a peachy pink color it works fine with almost every skintone. The way we love to use it is with Ecotools bronzer brush. All you need is to swirl the brush over the blush, tap off the excess and dot it on your cheeks. Easy and fast without the risk of creepy, "clouny" cheeks.
You all know we love lip products. This month we discovered the newest addition to Catrice makeup - lipstick in MATTador. As the funny name suggests it's a matt finish (but it doesn't dry out your lips). Also this deep red color is perfect for both everyday and night out makeup. Tip: mascara + MATTador = quick and pretty makeup look (perfect for sleepy heads like us).

That would be all for our favourties. Tell us if you ever tried any of those product. And if you have your own october favourites?

P&B, xoxo

Saturday, 25 October 2014

| SATURDAY TIP #5 - Get ready faster |

Hey everyone,

Guess what? It's Saturday again, which means two of us giving you tips :)
Last time we showed you what kind of eyeshadows will look the best with your eye color (check it out right *here* if you missed it).
Today we want to share with you our fun idea how to get ready faster. 

We know, a warm bed is the best place to be, especially right now (we don't know where you live but in Poland it's cold, like really cold). But let's be serious, we can't spend our entire life there, right? ;) So when we finally decide to get up we're left with extremely small amount of time to get ready. Here comes our tip. 
Instead of looking every 2 minutes on the clock make your very own MORNING PLAYLIST* (all songs together should take as long as long you want to get ready). Try to add it to your everyday routine. Music will help you get ready faster and you will know song by song how much time you have left. Choose your favourite songs so your morning will be even nicer. As simple as that.
*HINT: Our favourite way to do it is to use Spotify - all you need is WiFi
Not our picture, found it on Tumblr
That's all for today. Do you have your own techniqes to get ready faster? Let us know :)

P&B xoxo

Friday, 24 October 2014

| Makeup & Skincare Haul |

Hey everyone,

It has been a busy month! But we still managed to go shopping and found some bits and pieces that we want to share with you. It isn't one of those "I spent all of my money" hauls, only some pieces I either repurchased or wanted to try out. Let's get right into it :)

First thing I bought a couple of days ago are Revlon lipstics in Mauve it Over and Pink in the Afternoon. I have never tried any of Revlon lipstics and I've heard many people raving about them so I decided to give them a try. Also, some people say there are some great dupes for MAC lipstics so that was another great reason why to purchase them. Since I am a lipstick-o-holic I bought another lipstick today from the brand Catrice. It's fall and recently I've been feeling more daring with my lip makeup so I decided that what I need is a bright red matte lipstick and I found the perfect color in the newest addition to Catrice makeup - MATTador

Another thing that I got is a new powder. Usually I buy Rimmel's Stay Matte in Transparent but for whatever reason I am not able to find it in any of the drugstores (please don't tell me it was discontinued). Since every girl needs a bit of powder and I'm almost out of the one I have I had to buy something so I went to Inglot and got this beauty - transparent pressed powder in 302.
Last thing from the makeup department that I got is "an old friend" - Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara in Smoky Eyes. I'm not gonna say anything about this product cause we already wrote about it in our "Maybelline Faves" post (*here*).
Let's jump onto skincare. Two weeks I posted my skincare routine (*here*) where I wrote about my favourite face gel from a polish brand called Ziaja, so naturally I had to repurchase it, because it is the best for my skin. 
You all probably know I may be a little obssesed with Ziaja products (but seriously they are that good), so I got two of their fairly new products - cleansing mask for normal, oily to combination skin that hopefully will clear my pores (fingers crossed!). Another thing that I got is olive cleansing water with vitamin C and what I love about this is that it's in a spray version similarly to all the thermal waters.

That would be all for my little haul, hope you guys liked it! If you want us to make any reviews of the products mentioned (or in general) just post a comment down below! 
P&B, xoxo

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

| Favourite YouTube Channels Part 1 |

Hey everyone.
Today we've decided to try something new on our blog. We are leaving our brushes and makeup stuff for a second to tell you about... our FAVOURITE YT CHANNELS. At least some of them (we don't want this post to be THAT long ;)
So let's begin, shall we?

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Funforlouis ➡️ channel
Daily vlogger, Louis travels around the world with his camera and awesome dreadlocks. He does more during one afternoon than you during your lifetime.

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 Zoella ➡️ channel
Fashion and beauty blogger, sweetest creature on Earth. One of the most popular bloggers ever, so you probably already know her, but we coulnd't not mention her.

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Sprinkleofglitter ➡️ channel
Lovely Louise. She is Zoe's bff and a mum of a little girl - Darcy. Always positive and honest, she shows us her life, talks about beauty and everything in between. Are u a member of Sprinklerinos crew yet? ;)

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Viviannadoesmakeup ➡️ channel
If you are wondering which drugstore powder to choose or if you want to know how to do an easy everyday makeup, her channel is the perfect place for you to check it out. Great tips, advices and much more.

Thatcherjoe + Caspar Lee,
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 Thatcherjoe (➡️ channel ) Caspar Lee (➡️ channel )
Joe is Zoe's brother and currently lives with another Youtuber - Caspar Lee. Their videos are a mixture of many things, you can find there pranks, dares, but also more serious things. If they won't make you laugh we don't know what can.

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Jacksgap ➡️ channel
Twins with a love of sharing stories. They share bits and pieces of their life, travel a lot and recently started telling other peoples stories. One of our oldest and ultimate faves. Their videos always make us smile.

Our list is endless and we could go on and on, since we really do watch a lot of channels. Today we wanted just to mention some of our faves, which are also pretty much well known. Let us know if you want another part with other youtubers :)

P&B, xoxo

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hey everyone,

First of all, we are sorry there was no post on Thursday, but this week was CRAZY busy. Also, we know today is SATURDAY, which means - another tip! As the week is not over for us and we still have tons of stuff to do, today's post won't be very long, but we still hope you'll enjoy it :) Today we want to give you a quick tip what eyeshadows will look the best with your eye color. We all want our eyes to pop and there is no better way than to contrast them with a shadow on our lid. What colors you should look for when you have...?


The best shadows for blue eyes are earthy tones (browns, taupes). You can also try a rosy pink or orange, which will contrast beautifully with blue (this sounds really scary, don't worry I have blue eyes and those colors really make them pop).


Lucky you! Brown eyes will look good with almost anything, but if you really want to make them pop, try using green or pink eyeshadow.


If you want to make your eyes greener look for a purple shade, but it's for a more 'dramatic' look. For neutral, everyday  makeup try taupe, warm golden colors.


You can use the same colors as with blue or green eyes.
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That would be all for today, we hope you liked this little tip. Let us know if you tried any of them and what do you think of that post "series"?

P&B xoxo