Saturday, 25 October 2014

| SATURDAY TIP #5 - Get ready faster |

Hey everyone,

Guess what? It's Saturday again, which means two of us giving you tips :)
Last time we showed you what kind of eyeshadows will look the best with your eye color (check it out right *here* if you missed it).
Today we want to share with you our fun idea how to get ready faster. 

We know, a warm bed is the best place to be, especially right now (we don't know where you live but in Poland it's cold, like really cold). But let's be serious, we can't spend our entire life there, right? ;) So when we finally decide to get up we're left with extremely small amount of time to get ready. Here comes our tip. 
Instead of looking every 2 minutes on the clock make your very own MORNING PLAYLIST* (all songs together should take as long as long you want to get ready). Try to add it to your everyday routine. Music will help you get ready faster and you will know song by song how much time you have left. Choose your favourite songs so your morning will be even nicer. As simple as that.
*HINT: Our favourite way to do it is to use Spotify - all you need is WiFi
Not our picture, found it on Tumblr
That's all for today. Do you have your own techniqes to get ready faster? Let us know :)

P&B xoxo


  1. I'm new to your blog but I love it! I'd love it if you did the Favourites tag that I recently did over on my blog? I'll lave a link to the questions so you can see what you think. I'd love to read your answers! xoxo

    1. Thanks :) Awesome tag! We would love to do it! :) xoxo