Friday, 24 October 2014

| Makeup & Skincare Haul |

Hey everyone,

It has been a busy month! But we still managed to go shopping and found some bits and pieces that we want to share with you. It isn't one of those "I spent all of my money" hauls, only some pieces I either repurchased or wanted to try out. Let's get right into it :)

First thing I bought a couple of days ago are Revlon lipstics in Mauve it Over and Pink in the Afternoon. I have never tried any of Revlon lipstics and I've heard many people raving about them so I decided to give them a try. Also, some people say there are some great dupes for MAC lipstics so that was another great reason why to purchase them. Since I am a lipstick-o-holic I bought another lipstick today from the brand Catrice. It's fall and recently I've been feeling more daring with my lip makeup so I decided that what I need is a bright red matte lipstick and I found the perfect color in the newest addition to Catrice makeup - MATTador

Another thing that I got is a new powder. Usually I buy Rimmel's Stay Matte in Transparent but for whatever reason I am not able to find it in any of the drugstores (please don't tell me it was discontinued). Since every girl needs a bit of powder and I'm almost out of the one I have I had to buy something so I went to Inglot and got this beauty - transparent pressed powder in 302.
Last thing from the makeup department that I got is "an old friend" - Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara in Smoky Eyes. I'm not gonna say anything about this product cause we already wrote about it in our "Maybelline Faves" post (*here*).
Let's jump onto skincare. Two weeks I posted my skincare routine (*here*) where I wrote about my favourite face gel from a polish brand called Ziaja, so naturally I had to repurchase it, because it is the best for my skin. 
You all probably know I may be a little obssesed with Ziaja products (but seriously they are that good), so I got two of their fairly new products - cleansing mask for normal, oily to combination skin that hopefully will clear my pores (fingers crossed!). Another thing that I got is olive cleansing water with vitamin C and what I love about this is that it's in a spray version similarly to all the thermal waters.

That would be all for my little haul, hope you guys liked it! If you want us to make any reviews of the products mentioned (or in general) just post a comment down below! 
P&B, xoxo

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