Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hey everyone,

It's Saturday again!! How the time flies, right? Since the week has passed, it's time for another tip for you guys. You know how we all spend hours in drugstores and high end stores looking on different lipstick shades and blushes because we want to match to our skin tone? We all do that. In fact if you want to avoid that what you should be looking at is... your inner wrist. Yes your wrist! Don't be so surprised, it will all make sense in a second.
The trick to know what undertones your skin has is in fact to check what are the colors of your veins. They indicate if you are warm toned, cool toned or neutral. To check it you should stand in front of the window and look on your veins in daylight to get the right color. Now, if your veins are mostly blue it means you are cool toned, green veins mean you are warm toned and mixed mean you are neutral (lucky you!).
Here's a little cheat sheet :)

Second way to check it is with silver and gold. Take a piece of gold and silver and stand in front of a mirror in natural light. If silver suits you best it means you are most likely cool toned and if gold looks better than you are warm toned.

That is all for today's tip, we hope you liked it!! :) Let us if you know any other tricks how to check your skin tones?

P&B xoxo

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