Tuesday, 14 October 2014

| Skincare routine | by B.

Hey everyone,
you already know P's story about her everyday skincare routine - if not check it out right here. Now it's my turn ;)

I've always had better and worst "skin-days" like everyone else. Let's say it loud, right now I do have few spots in my collection and there are moments when I collect even more of them ;) But don't worry guys, I'm not the kind of person who gives up easily, so I do fight with these little monsters.
On the very beginning I tried to use every single anti-acne product at once - MISTAKE no.1 (some of them were seriously strong) and did't let them do their job. I've panicked and wanted to achive picture perfect skin after one aplication. Surprise surprise, it didn't work out. But I've learned my lesson and I've finally found a perfect skincare routine for me.*

*we are all different, so something that works fine for me, might be a bad option for you.

Deeply cleansing our skin sounds like a perfect plan but I've learned the harsh cleanser is not really the best idea. It can over-dry our skin and cause oil production (we definitley don't want that). So the best option is to reach for a gentle formula.*  My 2 favourites are Ziaja Antibacterial Curation and Cetaphil Gel - both perfectly remove any makeup and leave your skin nice and clean.
* I'm also an allergy suffer so it's even more important for me.

Step two in my skincare routine is a toner. Bioderma Sebium Micelle Solution for oily/combnation skin is a legendary product that works just perfectly for me. I use it twice a day. Tiny bit is enough to make my skin feel instantly refresh. It's gentle, effective and doesn't dry my skin at all. The only problem may be the price, so I always try to buy it on sales (or during special offers - 2 for 1 etc).

Hint: you can also use it as a makeup remover, but personally I do prefer gel or a regular makeup remover (for a waterproof mascara)
Hint 2: Avoid any alkohol-based products, I promise, they won't help with acne or breakouts.

I use La Roshe Posay Thermal Spring Water every 2 days. It's calming, moisturizing for my skin and doesn't leave me with this awful sticky feel. I usually spray it on my clean and refreshed face, leave it for a minute or two and then gently dry with a towel. Perfect for any of you with a sensitive skin, because it does help a lot.

Hint: You can also use a thermal spring water to set up you makeup.

This step is extremely important*. My skin is sensitive so I try to reach for oil-free products that don't contain additional ingredients like artificial fragrances etc. During fall-winter season I need to use something really moistruizing - so during that time my number one is AA Cream for ultrasensitive and dry skin. My other fav is Iwostin Purritin Cream for acne-prone skin (not only mattifies but also helps to prevent breakouts) plus hydrates without gunking up my pores.
*(remember, having combination or oily skin doesn't mean we should skip it)

Hint: Drink a lot of water, because it will help to stabilize your natural pH

This one is a real must have for me. I need to cover my dark circles with heavy concealers (they are a nightmare for a sensitve undereye skin, as you can probably imagine) so I can't live without moisturizing undereye cream. One of the best (and cheapest) is Ziaja. Love it!

For the night I need a product that is even more thick than a day-cream. This one is an Oeparol Hydrosense (for the dry skin again ). It does its job - great moisturizer and doesn't break me out. Perfect ;)

As the last step, I use a tiny bit of this Iwostin Purritin Gel for any breakouts or blumishes. It contains a salicylic acid and mirra extract. It's not a magic cream, so it won't help immediately, but after few nights you will see the difference (bye bye pimples;)

If your problems with acne are bigger than few spots be really careful. Exfoliator is a great way to cleanse and purify, but for most acne-prone skin anything more than a tiny bit of a GENTLE one is waaay to much. I use this one- it's Lirene Face Exfoliator - twice a week and gently massage my skin with fingertips. 
Guys, no harsh brushes, don't go crazy :P

That's all for my everyday skincare routine. I hope you've enjoyed ;)


  1. Love this post! Really want to try some of these products! Your photography is brilliant too :)
    Jessica xo