Wednesday, 22 October 2014

| Favourite YouTube Channels Part 1 |

Hey everyone.
Today we've decided to try something new on our blog. We are leaving our brushes and makeup stuff for a second to tell you about... our FAVOURITE YT CHANNELS. At least some of them (we don't want this post to be THAT long ;)
So let's begin, shall we?

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Funforlouis ➡️ channel
Daily vlogger, Louis travels around the world with his camera and awesome dreadlocks. He does more during one afternoon than you during your lifetime.

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 Zoella ➡️ channel
Fashion and beauty blogger, sweetest creature on Earth. One of the most popular bloggers ever, so you probably already know her, but we coulnd't not mention her.

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Sprinkleofglitter ➡️ channel
Lovely Louise. She is Zoe's bff and a mum of a little girl - Darcy. Always positive and honest, she shows us her life, talks about beauty and everything in between. Are u a member of Sprinklerinos crew yet? ;)

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Viviannadoesmakeup ➡️ channel
If you are wondering which drugstore powder to choose or if you want to know how to do an easy everyday makeup, her channel is the perfect place for you to check it out. Great tips, advices and much more.

Thatcherjoe + Caspar Lee,
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 Thatcherjoe (➡️ channel ) Caspar Lee (➡️ channel )
Joe is Zoe's brother and currently lives with another Youtuber - Caspar Lee. Their videos are a mixture of many things, you can find there pranks, dares, but also more serious things. If they won't make you laugh we don't know what can.

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Jacksgap ➡️ channel
Twins with a love of sharing stories. They share bits and pieces of their life, travel a lot and recently started telling other peoples stories. One of our oldest and ultimate faves. Their videos always make us smile.

Our list is endless and we could go on and on, since we really do watch a lot of channels. Today we wanted just to mention some of our faves, which are also pretty much well known. Let us know if you want another part with other youtubers :)

P&B, xoxo

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