Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hey everyone,

First of all, we are sorry there was no post on Thursday, but this week was CRAZY busy. Also, we know today is SATURDAY, which means - another tip! As the week is not over for us and we still have tons of stuff to do, today's post won't be very long, but we still hope you'll enjoy it :) Today we want to give you a quick tip what eyeshadows will look the best with your eye color. We all want our eyes to pop and there is no better way than to contrast them with a shadow on our lid. What colors you should look for when you have...?


The best shadows for blue eyes are earthy tones (browns, taupes). You can also try a rosy pink or orange, which will contrast beautifully with blue (this sounds really scary, don't worry I have blue eyes and those colors really make them pop).


Lucky you! Brown eyes will look good with almost anything, but if you really want to make them pop, try using green or pink eyeshadow.


If you want to make your eyes greener look for a purple shade, but it's for a more 'dramatic' look. For neutral, everyday  makeup try taupe, warm golden colors.


You can use the same colors as with blue or green eyes.
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That would be all for today, we hope you liked this little tip. Let us know if you tried any of them and what do you think of that post "series"?

P&B xoxo

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