Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hey everyone,
it's not a secret that we are addicted to blushes. Like seriously, our collection is waaaay to big :P But hey, there is no such thing as too many makeup products, right? 
So today we want to share with you 2 great products. We've bought them totally separately and it came out that they are great dupes. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you:

       - Wibo Blush with silk and vit. E (in nr 1)
       - NYX in Pinched

From the left: Wibo, NYX

As you can probably tell the packaging is quite similar- plastic on both blushes, which make them handy and travel-friendly. But let's have a closer look, because we all know, looks aren't everything ;)

Again from the left: Wibo, NYX

Wibo starts out relatively sheer and natural, but you can easily built it up to the intensity you see in the photo (it took us about 4 swipes), so it's perfect for those who don't feel like experts yet. This vibrant pink color looks really natural on your cheeks, even though it might seem scary on the very beginning. What's more it does have peachy undertone - they match almost every skin tone.
NYX - we don't have to recommend this one. Like all NYX blushes, the quality is really great as well as the pigmentation, so guys, be careful. Tiny bit is enough ;) The color of Pinched is fabulous, intense pink with cooler undertones. In the pan, there are few random shimmer particles, but in our opinion they don't translate onto the skin.

Wibo and NYX blend easily. Both powders are really smooth and finely-milled (love it!) and they don't "dries out" during the day.Wibo stays on your skin for 5-8h, while NYX all day long. And what is more important, they DON'T BREAK US OUT. 


That's all for today. We hope you did enjoy our little battle of the blushes:)

P&B xoxo

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