Saturday, 4 October 2014


Hey everyone,

A week has passed and we have another Saturday, which means another tip for you guys! We all love to paint nails right? But sometimes our favourite polish gets all gummy and unusable even though we just got it. We get frustrated because we spent money and the product doesn't work as it should. No need to worry, we have some tricks how you can save your nail polish.

The first thing you can do is… simply put the polish into hot water. Sounds unbelievable? Trust us, it works. The effect may not be long lasting but you can still paint your nails for the night out.
The second tip we have for you is as simple as the first one. All you need for this is only nail polish remover. What you need to do is pour a little bit into your "gummy" polish, shake it up for a second and voila your polish is as good as new!
We hope you liked our small tricks and tell us if you tried it yourselves!

P&B xoxo

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