Saturday, 8 November 2014

| SATURDAY TIP #6 - How to fix smudged nail polish |

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Hey everyone,
long time no here ;) But we couldn't miss the SATURDAY TIP. Today we've got something for those of you, who love to paint their nails (everyone? :p)

You probably know that feeling- you try really hard to make your nail polish look perfect. Everything goes great, you're almost done and then THIS happens - you accidentally touch something and boom... smudged nail polish. But don't worry guys, there is no need to remove the color and to paint everything again. As long as the lacquer is still quite wet you can easily deal with this problem ;)
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HOW? Simply lick your finger tip and using your tongue try to wipe the polish upwards to the edge of your nail (to even the surface). Finish with the topcoat. Voila. Simple fix and your nail polish looks gorgeous again. You'll thank us later :p

That's all for today. Do you have your very own ways to deal with the smudged nail polish? Let us know in the comments below :)
P&B, xoxo


  1. Lizanie paznokci to moja specjalność:)
    Good luck

  2. Thank you! This will be super helpful for me bc I always smudge my nails!