Sunday, 2 November 2014

| KABUKI BATTLE - Sephora vs H&M |

Hey everyone, 
we know the quality of makeup products is really important. But we can't forget that the "tools" - as in brushes - which are important as well ;)
You don't have to be a makeup pro to know that perfect working brush can do basically all work for you and even change the "final effect" on your face. Not to mention saving your time :) So today we've got for you a little battle of our favourites from KABUKI department - Sephora vs H&M

Sephora: smaller, more precise, works perfectly not only with powder but also with bronzer or a blusher, a true multitasker
H&M: bigger, "takes" more product from the packaging,
great brush for powder application

Sephora: "dome-shaped", more even on top than H&M's
H&M: rounded top, easily takes powder and spreads it evenly on your face

Sephora: natural goat hair, fluffy, really soft, nicer than H&M's, (it's easy to get a sheer coat of powder because the hairs are so soft)
H&M: doesn't hurt your skin, quite soft for us but might be a little stiff for some of you, definitely not "the softest brush ever" but does decent job

Hint:  You can easily built up coverage with natural finish using both of them

Hair loss
Sephora: they don't
H&M: only single hair

Sephora + H&M: both of them look really cute with the rest of our brushes (as you can tell :P), we love this simple, modern design

Sephora: $24 
H&M: $7,95

Final grade
Sephora: 4.5/5
H&M: 4/5 
That's all for today. We hope you did enjoy our little battle. Let us know what are your Kabuki favs :)
P&B, xoxo

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  1. Try to use zoeva! It will be love for the first sight!
    Stay glam!