Tuesday, 23 September 2014

| Mad About … Body mists |

Hey everyone,

Autumn has officially arrived! It’s getting colder and colder, so we have to hide most of our beloved summer clothes (unless you live in sunny California) and start wearing cozy sweaters. Not that sweaters are bad, we love them, but summer is summer. We start changing up our room decors to make it more fall inspired, we switch our makeup and skincare but there is one product, perfect for every season. Now prepare to be surprised… it’s body mist. Just give it a chance and soon you won’t be able to get over it.

1. We all looove parfume, because who doesn’t like to smell nice? Body mists are a perfect alternative for them, they have more delicate scents and stay really long on your clothes or hair. Plus, you can use as much as you want without worrying that you are wasting them.

2. Another thing is the price. Sure, parfumes are definitely worth spedning a bit more money once in a while, but we can’t buy another bottle every two weeks. You can buy body mists in most of the drugstores or find a bargain like those in Bath & Body Works ( 3 for 2 is ALWAYS a good idea).

3. Have you ever smelled body mists? If not, your nose is missing a lot. We can spend hours in shops like Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works just smelling those precious little things. Especially when they have seasonal scents like for example last winter’s Marshmallow Kiss or fall Vermont Honey Apple. Basically everyone can find something for them.

4. They are perfect as a little something something in your bag. In the pictures are only the big versions, but you can also find those in more portable size. Also, they don't break, so you don't have to risk breaking the bottle.

Last but not least, there is so so many mists to choose from. Although we showed only those from Bath and Body Works feel free to look for others (and if you find something amazing, please write to us, cause as you can tell we are obsessed). We hope we convinced some of you to try them out. :)

Disclaimer: Not all of those belong to us, we borrowed some from our sisters. (yes, they love mists too).

Scents from left to right: Twilight Woods, Mad About You, Beautiful Day, Merry Marshmallow Kiss, Vermont Honey Apple, Cashmere Glow, Pink Chiffon

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